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ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) is a vital part of our community. ALICE is a friend, neighbor, or family member that is working in a job essential to our community, but does not earn enough to afford even the basics. We all depend on many ALICEs throughout our day – the child care teacher looking after our toddler while we work, the home health aide caring for our grandmother with dementia, the bank teller who helps us keep our finances in order – we all need to care about ALICE.

There is a lot you can do to improve the financial stability of ALICE families, which will also benefit our communities as a whole. You can build awareness, improve access to community support for ALICE families, and advocate for change. Big changes will require bold decisions and strong action. United Way invites all stakeholders to take part. Click here to download a printable version of this information.

You can help ALICE!
Here are some ideas about how to get started:

Build Awareness

  • Share the Report’s findings with your staff and/or managers
  • Incorporate ALICE language for defining problems and framing solutions
  • Discuss with colleagues and other business and community leaders
  • Make the case for ALICE on social media

Improve Access

  • Help ALICE families connect with programs and opportunities for community support
  • Share what you know about United Way funded Income, Education, and Health programs
  • Ensure ALICE colleagues and neighbors are connected to programs offered at your workplace or in your community
  • Consult with United Way or 211 for additional services and programs that can assist

Advocate for Change

  • Speak out – your voice is essential to raising the issues and opportunities for ALICE
  • Recommend changes to improve the well-being of your employees and company
  • Lobby for policies that improve the lives of ALICE in your town, county, and state
  • Engage the media – op-ed, letter to the editor, blog

Dive Deeper

  • Use the ALICE tools for measuring your work, defining your goals, building long-term strategy
  • Host a panel or conference on ALICE and a particular issue, such as disaster preparedness, digital access, affordable housing
  • Research further into a specific aspect of ALICE families – datasets available upon request

Partner for Change

  • Big change takes big action. United Way seeks partners with a wide range of talent, influence, resources and ideas
  • Work on long-lasting, meaningful initiatives that make a difference for ALICE and our communities
  • Be part of the United Way ALICE Project growing across the country

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